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Roofing Installation in Puget Sound Area, Washington

Ensure the job is done right the first time with residential or commercial roofing installation from Twin Peaks Roofing in the Puget Sound Area, Washington.

What to Expect for Your Roof Installation or Replacement

After your acceptance of a proposal and a date range is scheduled, you will need to choose a color for your new roof, if you have chosen a composition product. In most cases, a day or two before your scheduled date, materials will be delivered to your home. You will also be notified by phone on when to expect the delivery.

Please have the driveway clear so there is access to your roof. The materials will be loaded directly to your rooftop unless conditions do not permit. Materials that cannot be loaded onto your roof will be placed as close to your home as possible.
Three Roof Gables - Roofing Installation in Puget Sound Area, WA
At Twin Peaks Roofing, we offer the best residential roofing service in the area, and we make every effort to complete your installation in a timely manner, however, as we Washingtonians know, weather conditions can change quickly. This could delay the start of your project. During the installation of your new roof, be assured we will take all of the necessary precautions to make your home watertight for the evenings and weekends.
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